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Surface Pattern Design Quick Start Workshop

Awaken your creativity and learn the skills for importing your sketches into Adobe Illustrator, coloring them in, and creating a repeating pattern. The workshop is FREE and is only given a few times a year. Once you're on the list, you will receive an email with the date for the next one, along with some tips for getting your sketches ready.


Meet Jenna

Hi, I'm Jenna, a surface pattern designer, printer and entrepreneur, here to guide and teach you how to get your sketches onto products.

Formerly a biologist, I know what it's like to want to escape the corporate grind and be successful in a creative field. 

I taught myself how to draw and took many classes in silkscreening, block printing, letterpress and wood cut, all so that I could sell products with my unique designs on them.

Then I finally took the plunge from doing everything by hand to learning how to digitize my work with Adobe Illustrator. I'm not going to was confusing!

This free Quick Start workshop cuts through the fluff and speeds up your learning curve. After 4 short lessons, you'll be able to order gift wrap, fabric, bed linens, coffee mugs and more...all with YOUR terrific designs on them!

"Jenna has broken down a complicated computer program into such easy to follow steps! I thought that I was too old and not tech-savvy enough to do this. I also thought that I couldn't draw. She taught me how to do both."


-Elizabeth Costelloe


Create simple sketches, download Illustrator (Adobe offers a 14-day free trial), import and vectorize your art.


Add color to your artwork! Learn how to move your motifs around to create a terrific pattern.

C R E A T E   S W A T C H

Learn the 3 basic rules for creating a swatch that repeats. 

O R D E R   P R O D U C T S

You did the sketching, the coloring, the pattern it's time for the fun part, ordering products with your designs on them from a print-on-demand site!